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When we write we are creating new thoughts that did not exist before.  Arguably some would say that we are having new thoughts and  merely writing them down, but sometimes the thoughts flow so quickly onto the page that it becomes difficult  to tell what came first; the thought or the ink that described it?  In either case the feeling which over takes a writer when they are experiencing this flow of images into text, is indescribable and incredible.  Only    by writing can we truly understand what it feels like to release the images from within our minds and be able to paint them into the minds of others through the written word.  It is in the most real sense an indelible experience.  Impossible to erase or forget and cannot be washed away by the real world around us.

Poets are always poets Posted  on
As a writer, I have been asked many times how long have I been writing for?  I always answer this way; "Since I first learned to write but before I could read or draw."  At other times people have asked me when I first realized that I could write.  For me, I realized it when I first shared my work with others, and met with varying degrees of critisms, and yet, kept on writing and sharing what I had crafted.  A writer doesn't have to write perfectly, this is true more now than at any time in history, but his or her thoughts should be as near to perfection as they can make them.  The craft is more in the story and the song, than in the spelling and punctuation. 

A writer may develop a thick skin over time to cope with the critics and the scathing remarks, but in the end we are only a writer when we are writing and should not take such remarks for more than they are.  Critics and fans fill the world, after all, and we will keep on penning our words, despite what they say or think.  Being a poet or not, has very little to do with writing in the scheme of things, it is a craft in and of itself.  One who writes poetry has always thought poetically and can no more help themselves shed the affliction, than a musician or song writer or person with an illness.  It just has to run its course! 

Those of us who write poetry are and always have been poets from an early age.  No excuses, no regrets.  Poets are always poets, the act of writing it down does not make you more of a poet, it merely adds to your repertoire of skills as a writer.  It adds a depth that may be missing in some stories.  Writing it down merely helps us to make it look more perfect.