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Welcome to Phillip Harrison.ca !  I have always enjoyed writing, but only in recent years have I discovered the many new powerful tools that now exist and can fully utilized to help me get my story out of the sketch and workshop and out into readers hands.  Tools that allow me to edit and produce pages in a much more efficient way.  The world of writing has become much more competetive than even just a few years ago, and fans and readers of various genres have become that much more demanding of good plots and character development. 

By taking advantage of these new 21first century tools, the writers minds have become less encumbered by the process, and more empowered to be able to develop the intricate threads of their stories!  What a marvelous time to be a writer!  On top of the technological piles of tools are many more training aids and communication media platforms that can connect a writer and reader in cyberlands which can only empower and drive the quality of wordsmithing to new higher levels!  Twitter and Facebook Fan Pages, the writer can instantaneously become privy to the ideas and thoughts that his/her readership have uncovered. 

In the end the decision of course remains with the Author of the Novel, but it sure doesn't hurt to listen to what your fans have to say!  Good or bad, its all feedback, and lets face it, your editor might have been the one to tell you to pick up the pace or whatever, but its the fans and readers who buy your books.  By enabling this kind of feedback the modern writer, can easily tailor and customise the settings, environment and content of future endeavors for the readers desires or needs. Its also much easier to be able to find out what builds anticipation versus wasted paper and many hours editing at the end of the story.  Being plugged in to a genre of readers, young and not as young can only contribute to our craft!

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